ChemStar Dry Oil-Free Deep Vacuum System 2071

OIl Free Deep Vacuum

Welch’s Chemstar Dry vacuum system integrates a proprietary vacuum blower with patented PTFE diaphragm technology. The result? The first chemical resistant dry pump alternative to oil-seal pumps. This is the technology of choice for deep chemical applications.



How it works:

Chemstar Dry pumps quickly down to teh working pressures for most evaporative operations (10 to 0.8 torr). It is in this range that ChemStar Dry creates maximum flow for high performance evaporation – clean, fast, and thorough. There is no oil, and the system automatically maintains and protects itself for repeatable robust performance.

Applications include:

  • Schlenk line drying manifolds
  • Vacuum ovens
  • Freeze dryers up to 6 L
  • Centrifugal concentrators
  • Many other deep vacuum  applications

Consult your Welch Representative for more information on ChemStar Dry.