TrimPal Dry Bud Trimmer 4 Unit Model

The Trim Pal is made in the USA, has a Dayton motor, and processes up to 4 LBS an hour at a hand trim quality. People are touting Trim Pal is better than hand trimming. The machine does not chop or cut, but does more of a pulling action.  Return on investment is based on your crop size, but usually is 1 season.




The TrimPal utilizes a new effective design to trim leafy aromatic plant material.  The user-friendly system requires only a one person to operate.  The TrimPal will significantly reduce the cost and time involved in manicuring your product.

A precision laser cut design is accompanied with the most reliable names in parts and powder coated by certified techs, providing a high quality, dependable machine.  The 15 minute interval timer allows for setting your time frame in trimming and determining your preference.  The machine does not chop, or cut but performs a pulling action.

  • Throughput per hour: 4-6 hours
  • Weight: 100LBS
  • Basket Size: 22″
  • Timer: 15 minute timer
  • Amps: 5 amp start – 3 amp running
  • Volts: 120/230v
  • Material: 304 medical stainless steel
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dryness Specification: When stems snap cleanly
  • Cleaning recommendation: Every 250lbs or after use.