100lb per hour full plant shredder


Shred 100LBS + per hour
5/16 shred width
Voltage: 120/220V – 1 Phase
208/230/460V – 3 phase
Cutting Chamber: 8”W X 10”L

Important questions to ask when qualifying a potential customer:
1. What are we shredding? Most common is stems, stalks, leafs, roots, root balls, rock wool, plastic pots, netting etc.
2. Most important, what is their throughput? LBS per hour….This will determine the size shredder they will need.
3. What voltage and phase does their facility have?
4. How are you feeding the machine? Handfed/conveyor/box dumper?
5. Where is the shredded material going? Right into a Gaylord box? Composter? Discharge conveyor?
Any space constraints? Are they limited by ceiling height? Indoor/outdoor?
6. Need it to be mobile?
Name of Company?
Contact person?