Hemp Seed – Sift & Sort special

NeoFarms sift and sort Special!


-Zig-Zag Hemp Seed Cleaning Machine


-3 Buckets

-20lb per minute hemp seed cleaner and shucker




Zig-Zag cleaner

The zig zag cleaner is used to remove stems and unviable seeds after the chaf has been removed. Most customers use this after they have used the 20lb per minute hemp seed cleaner and shucker

The unit is powered by a shop vac and includes a collection unit for fine particulate.

Other than the shop vac this unit will last a lifetime due to no moving parts

Cleaner & Shucker

The 110 cup seed separator can process around 20 lbs of seeded flower material per minute depending on moisture levels.

The grinder uses whips rather than blades so there is never any damage to your seed.

The system is built in the USA, and never produces any powder. A single operator can process 400 lbs a hour of seed seeded flower.

The unit features a built in screen to sift the seeds from your valuable plant material at a 99.5% efficiency. The capture system allows for zero loss. Also a removal-able basket for cleaning.


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