20lb per minute hemp seed cleaner and shucker

The 110 cup seed separator can process around 20 lbs of seeded flower material per minute depending on moisture levels.

The grinder uses whips rather than blades so there is never any damage to your seed.

The system is built in the USA, and never produces any powder. A single operator can process 400 lbs a hour of seed seeded flower.

The unit features a built in screen to sift the seeds from your valuable plant material at a 99.5% efficiency. The capture system allows for zero loss. Also a removal-able basket for cleaning.

Seed Cleaner Spec Sheet

 Seed Cleaner Spec Sheet

Weight: 50Lbs

Motor: 3/4 horse dayton UL

Timer: 1-15 seconds UL

Power: 120V/50hz/60hz

Material: Stainless Steel

Whips: Nylon 6/6 food grade

Rating- ETL




See video below to show seed and stem removal