1600-2000 LBS per hour Hemp Seed Cleaning & Sizing

The HSC-2000 removes stems, rocks and impurities as well as grades seeds into two sizes. Removes broken and non viable hemp seeds for nut or cbd.

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1600-2000Lbs* Per Hour Hemp Seed Cleaning & Sizing


Size: 6.5 FT x 9.18 FT x 9.8 FT

Weight: 4000Lbs (2 Tons)

Power: 380v/ 480v 50/60hz 3 phase

Motors: 8

Total Power: 3.94 kw

Capacity: 1763 lbs to 2200 lbs per hour

Packing: 20 ft container

Production Time: 1.5 months


Technical Specifications

Weight 4000 lbs

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