20 Ton Commercial Hydraulic Rosin Press -ALPHA PRESS

20 ton hydraulic rosin press.

Includes safety curtains, built in hydraulic system and fine tuned pid controls.

Used to press plant resins utilizing heat.



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Neo Farms Rosin Press 20 Ton


  • Power: 220v/60hz/10 amps
  • PSI:1400 PSI
  • Force: 20 tons
  • Weight: 1100 Lbs
  • Safety: Motion Curtains
  • Certifications: CE, UL Listed electrical components
  • Heating: Dual Adjustable, Highly Accurate Self learning PIDS
  • Plate: 8×8 inches
  • Motor: Hydraulic, 10 Gallon Tank



Technical Specifications

Weight800 lbs