Neo-R100 Single jacketed glass reactor

Neo-R100 Single-Jacketed Glass Reactor with Evaporator.


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100L Single-Jacketed Glass Reactor

This large-scale, 100L glass reactor has a single jacket, which makes it perfect for running heated or chilled fluid throughout the reaction chamber.

The ability to precisely control (and monitor) your system temperature as a whole makes this glass reactor an ideal choice for extractions and synthesis reactions.


  • Stainless steel frameworkreliable, rigid, and sturdy construction
  • Solvent-resistant PTFE on all sealing and vacuum connectionsto ensure longevity and durability
  • Handmade glasswareblown from heat/cold/corrosion resistant borosilicate, food-grade glassware
  • PTFE stir rod for smooth and reliable operation, with reduced noise and wear-and-tear
  • Wide temperature rangefrom 100°F to -400°F
  • 3/8th” hose barb for vacuum applications so you can control the pressure of the system
  • Lockable casters – Effortlessly roll them when you want to move the unit, lock them when you don’t.


  • No accessories included! This unit does not come with a condenser, feeding funnel, stir motor, or temperature probe
  • The Glass Reactor comes with a free insulation jacket, to ensure supreme temperature control.


System And Electrical Parameters


Electrical 110V, 60 Hz, 1-PH, 250W
Capacity 100L or 26 gallons
Glassware Borosilicate food grade
Rotation speed 5 – 500 RPM
Vessel head Multiple openings
Drain valve Flush seal with large opening
Agitator 304 S.S. reinforced PTFE
Funnel Pressure Equalizing
Vacuum gauge Mechanical
Temperature range -110F°-400°F
Vacuum Level < 700 torrs
Vacuum seals PTFE
Ground clearance from drain 13.5 inches
Unit dimensions  28 x 42 x 95″
Shipping dimensions 26 x 88 45″
Pallet weight 390 Lbs