Multi Stage molecular distillation

Neo-MDU6 Molecular distillation unit. Up to 6 liters per hour output.


Multi Stage molecular distillation delivered in 10 days.


Main Components

1.Jacketed SS Barrel with Internal Cooling Condenser
Material: Wetted material: SS316L, Others: SS304
Diameter: 250mm
Effective Evaporation Area: 0.3m2
Internal Cooling Condenser: 0.5m2
Processing Rate: 10-15L/hour
All pipelines are jacket-heated

2.Jacketed Feeding Vessel (1pc)
Volume: 30L

3.High-Level gear pump (5pcs)
Continuous feeding with gear pump, adjustable speed

4.Dewar Style Cold Trap with cooling coil (2pcs)

5.Terpenes Consenser (1pc)
Area: 0.6m2

6.Wiper(Scraper (or Roller if preferred) (2sets)
Material: Stainless Steel 316L
Blade Material: PTFE

7.Control System (1pc)
Digital High Vacuum Gauge (Down to 0.1 Pascal),
Piraña Motor Coupling / Vacuum Seal: Mechanical seal
Electricity: 220V,single-phase

8.Support Frame
Material: Stainless Steel 304

9. Heating Circulator for Inlet Vessel and Pipeline
Temperature Range:Up to 200C
Heating Power:5.5 kW
Electricity:220V, 1-Phase

10. Heating Circulator for Jacketed Still Body
Temperature Range:Up to 300C
Heating Power:10 kW
Electricity:460V, 3-Phase

11. Hermatic Heating Cooling Circulator for Internal Condenser
Temperature Range: -25C to 200C
Cooling Capacity:5.5 kW
Total Power:7.5 kW
Electricity:220V, 1-Phase

12. Terpene Condenser Chiller
Temperature Range:Down to -25C
Cooling Capacity:7 kW
Total Power:2.5 kW
Electricity:220V, 1-Phase

13. Chiller for Cold Trap
Temperature Range:Down to -80C
Cooling Capacity:0.5kW @ -75C
Total Power:4 kW
Electricity:220V, 1-Phase

14. Vacuum pump
System Configuration: Rotary vane pump
Vacuum speed: 38CFM
Vacuum Level: 10 Pascal
Electrical Power: 2.2kW
Electricity: 220V, 1-Phase