124 sq Inch Molecular Wiped Film ShortPath – NeoWP2

Neo Farms molecular wiped film distillation equipment. We offer all sizes to provide for your needs.

Please inquiry if you are looking for a larger scale system or custom design.


Molecular wiped film allows to distill and fractionate certain components under deep vaccuum to perserve compounds otherwise ruined by traditional distillation.
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1- System Vacuum Degree — 0.001 mbar with SS tube-valve assembly
2.1- Vacuum display — 0.001~1000mbar digital pressure display;
2.2- Vacuum Source — consist of a local diffusion pump, a vane pump as forepump and connections. System vacuum down to 0.001mbar ;
3- Distillation unit— 800cm2 Evaporation surface,1100cm2 Inner condensing surface;
4- Rotation unit —60-460 rpm. Magmetic driven ;
5- Film system — PTFE Scraper Filming system;
6- Feeding unit —1000ml Jacketed feeding flask
7- Collection Unit — 1000ml Distillate, 1000ml Residues, one set of Cow Distribution Receiver Device
8- Trapping unit — 1100cm2 inner condenser + External cold trap/conderser;
9-Overall Dimension — 1200x550x1900(w/wheels)
10- Frame — SUS 304
11- Power 220V single-phase, 50/60Hz
12. Two oil bath heaters and chiller not included. (please inquire.)
13. Please specify if deep vacuum needed.


NF Molecular Spec Sheet