Midea High wall single zone ductless mini split

Midea High Wall is the perfect unit for open floor plans, such as a living room, where air easily circulates and foot traffic is high. Since it sits high on the wall, the unit stays out of the way to give your room more usable space.


Perfect for Rooms with Lots of Foot Traffic and Open Floor Plans

The Midea High Wall unit provides a clean and minimalistic solution for your space. It sits high on the wall, out of the way, and can be mounted on any pre-existing, non-ducted wall. Get room-by-room comfort control and, for best use, avoid installing the High Wall in areas with external heat sources and minimal air circulation.

High Wall Features

Lower electric bill
Energy Efficient

With SEER ratings up to 40, we have one of the highest efficiency ratings in the world and many ENERGY STAR® certified models.

Phone with Wi-Fi turned on
Wi-Fi® Enabled

With Wi-Fi® standard or available with purchase of Wi-Fi® Accessory Kit, easily connect to the Midea Air app from your hand-held device to control and monitor your system on the go.

Eco Mode, Sleep Mode, Turbo Mode
Flexible Modes

Choose between Sleep Mode for maximum comfort while sleeping, Eco Mode for extra efficiency, or Turbo Mode to quickly cool or heat a space.

Detecting activity
Occupancy Sensor

With the available Occupancy sensor, the unit automatically detects activity in the room and adjusts the horizontal angle of airflow to either blow away from or follow people.

Smart thermostat
Certified Compatibility

Connect to conventional, third-party thermostats without negating the benefits of available Inverter technology.1

Humidity Control

Smart sensor technology detects the level of humidity in the room, and then allows you to select the drying mode for quick and easy dehumidification.

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Technical Specifications

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12000, 18000, 24000, 30000, 36000


115, 220