Midea Single and Multizone ducted system

Midea Single and Multizone ducted sytems. These units are great when you want to leverage the same ductwork for two or more small spaces, like a bathroom and a closet. It can be installed in the ceiling, floor, or wall to keep the unit hidden while still getting the flexibility of a Ductless System.

Installed in the ceiling, floor or wall, this unit is aesthetically pleasing and space-saving

A slim duct provides efficient climate control, which is less costly than full ductwork. It’s a great option for multiple rooms needing air conditioning, smaller room coverage, or if you desire a concealed unit.

Ducted Features

Lower electric bill
Energy Efficient

With SEER ratings up to 40, we have one of the highest efficiency ratings in the world and many ENERGY STAR® certified models.

Phone with Wi-Fi turned on
Wi-Fi® Enabled

With Wi-Fi® standard or available with purchase of a Wi-Fi® Accessory Kit, easily connect to the Midea Air app from your hand-held device to control and monitor your system on the go.

Eco Mode, Sleep Mode, Turbo Mode
Flexible Modes

Choose between Sleep Mode for maximum comfort while sleeping, Eco Mode for extra efficiency, or Turbo Mode to quickly cool or heat a space.

Air circulation
Outside Air Supply

The ducted, cassette and console indoor units can connect to an outside air supply as an option for increased ventilation.

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Technical Specifications

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 45 × 50 in