100 gallon per hour falling film

The double effect falling film evaporator consist of 2 heaters one for each effect and 2 seperators, a condensor, a vacuum pump material charging and discharging pumps and electrol control cabinet and operation platform and pipelines.




100 gallon per hour falling film


Design capacity:100 gallons per hour

Steam Consumption: 260 kg per hour

Working pressure: 0.25-0.3 MPA

Cooling water flow: 10ton/hour

Power: 12.7kw (380v, 50/60hz) (please specify)


Effect 1 heater

Effect 2 heater

Effect 1 seperator

Effect 2 seperator


Balance cylinder

Steam distributing cylinder

Secondary steam pipeline

Material & Condensate water pipeline

Charging Pump

Effect 2 Circulating pump

Discharging Pump

Condensate Pump

Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Flow Meter

Electrical Control Cabinet