15Lx2 & 10Lx 3 Supercritical Extractor

15Lx2 & 10Lx 3 Supercritical Extractor bulk-scale, high-pressure separator for collecting extracted compounds.


Product Description:

 30L super critical co2 extractor

15L x 2 or 10L x 3

The 30L system offers small pilot plant scale, while still maintaining quick extraction cycles, quietness and minimal maintenance.

General information:
1.1 This system is a multi-function SCFE equipment, the working mode is intermittent or continuous to extract from solid or liquid material, there is also a cosolvent pump.

1.2 The system has three extraction vessels and two separators, using automatic pressure adjustment and automatic hydraulic quick-open structure design.

The highest working pressure of solid extractor is 50Mpa (7251 PSI), the highest working temperature is 80℃ (175F)
1.4 The pressure vessels are designed to ASME and each includes multiple pressure protection valves on each pressure vessel.

This piece of equipment is a  beauty, has multiple safety features and easy operation. We use only top of the line quality materials, which extend to an easy care and long lasting machine.

Pressure temperature flow number can be seen from pressure meter and digital instrument, making for double accuracy when in operation.

Material of pipe parts, valves, and pipe lines are all 304 stainless steel.

Main technical parameters:
The highest working pressure: 50Mpa (7251 PSI);
The operation temperature scope: room temperature ~80℃/176F;
The flow of CO2 : 0~200L/h;
The volume of extractor: 10L                                                                                                                                        The stair separator: 5L/30Mpa;
The secondary separator: 2L/30Mpa;
Total power: 30KVA ,30KW
Cooling capacity: 10,700 Kcal;
Water flow: 0-400L/h
Water temperature range: -5°C~5°C
Dry purifier: 16L/9.8Mpa;
The additive flow: 0~50L/h;
CO2 storage tank: Air cooling, volume 15L, Max working pressure 16MPa                                                  Voltage: 220/380V(Ac), 3 Phase

Extraction Vessels Configuration
a) Volume: 10L
b) Amount: 3
c) The max working pressure: 50MPa (7251PSI)
d) The max operate temperature: 80℃
e) Material: 304 Stainless steel
f) Material tank: holds both liquid and solid material
g) Heat preservation structure, and with stainless shell outside (also called jacket water structure)


3.3 Pre-heaters: 3 sets (two different pressure, 50MPa, 30MPa) heated directly
Liquid Co2 Pump
a) Loudness: Loud as clothes dryer
b) Flow: 0~200L/h (real flow of CO2)
c) Highest Working pressure: 50MPa (7251 PSI)
d) Flow adjustment: 15%—100%
e) Cooling: Temperature adjusted liquid cooled pump head
f) Entrance Pressure: 3Mpa/435PSI                                                                                                                         g) Safety: Over pressurization valve
 Additive pump
a) Type: 2DT-20/40
b) Flow: 0~20L/h
c) The rate working pressure: 50MPa (7251 PSI)
d) Flow adjustment: 0—100%
3.5 Dry purifier
a) Volume : 10L
b) The max working pressure: 9.8MPa/ 1421PSI
3.6 Mixer
a) Volume: 2.5L
b) Working pressure: 50MPa/7251 PSI
c) Material: 304 Stainless Steel
3.6 Refrigerating system
(1) refrigerating unit
a) Cooling capacity: 10700 Kcal
b) Water based cooling unit
(2) Liquid storage tank
a) Volume : 20L
b) Working pressure: 9.8MPa
c) Material : 0Cr18Ni9Ti
Highly effective, Volume: Ф290×690mm
(4) Cooling system of compressor
a) 10T glass steel cooling tower: 1
b) Pipe circulation pump: 1
3.8  Controlling of pressure and temperature:
Pressure Control:  micrometer valve to control, ensures pressure stabilization of extraction
and separation using Y-160 piezometer to display pressure, precision 1.5 class
Temperature control:  digital meter to show and control precision 1 class                                                 Co2 Flow Meter:CO2 uses digital flow meter, range is 0~300㎏/H

3.9 Safety system
(1) The pressure pump has limited pressure structure, you can set it among the range of working pressure, and stop the pump when pressure is complete. Automatic pressure adjustments for your custom settings.
(2) Each extractor, separator, evaporator, dry purifier and mixer have safety valves for over pressurazation.
(3) Anti-exploder: using explosion piece to protect, precision no more than 5%, and co2 is stored as liquid in co2 storage tank and mixer.

3.10 Load and unload system
The electricity lifter which can move left to right, up and down on top side of extractor, it can be used to lift material tanks up and down, while reducing operator work.

Spare Parts:



Amount / 


Extractor seal



Material tank seal



Separator seal



Purifier seal



High pressure stop valve



Intercept valve



Main pump seal material

4 set


Other pump seal material

4 set


Seal gasket of entrance valve

2 set


Seal gasket of outlet valve

2 set


Professional tool for pump

1 set


45MPa anti-explode piece, press ring, copper gasket / 45MPa 

1 set


16MPa anti-explode piece, press ring, copper gasket / 16MPa 

1 set

Power and User Supplied Items:

Three-phase four-wire 220/380/440V 50+KVA ( please specify)                                                                     Buyer provides install ground connection condition, residence of ground connection R≤4Ω;
Ten bottle of CO2,the weight of each bottle is about 20Kg;
46 Engine oil 40~50Kg

Training Content:

Safety training of the equipment is included by video or available to be onsite:                                          power, pressure, inflammable and explosive, mechanical drive, health, operations, mantaince and so on.
Normal operation method and step by step process;
Material tank load and unload of extractor
Open and close of extractor and separator
How to use dry purifier
Parameter setting and physics meaning of all controlling component
Operation of high pressure valve control, flow adjustment, temperature setting, pressure balance, and all gauges
The daily maintenance program and method of this device

Technical Specifications:





CO2 Flow



80 ℃



a) The highest working pressure: 5801 PSI (40Mpa)
b) Temperature : Max 176F (80℃)
c) The flow of CO2 : 0~150L/h
d) The volume of extractor: 10L
e) The stair separator: 5L/ 2320 PSI (16Mpa)
f) The secondary separator: 5L/ 2320 PSI (16Mpa)
g) Total power: 15KVA
h) Cooling capacity: 10,700 Kcal, Water temperature range: 23F~41F (—5°C~5°C)
i) Dry purifier: 5L/ 5801 PSI (40Mpa)
j) The additive flow: 0~4L/h
k) CO2 storage tank: Air cooling, volume 24L, Max working pressure 2320 PSI (16MPa), with jacket and coiler double chill design.
l) Power volt: 220v

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