10LX1 Supercritical Co2 Extractor

10LX1 Supercritical Co2 Extractor, SFCE Botanical Extraction System. High-pressure separator for collecting extracted compounds.


The SFCE Botanical Extraction System functions as a bulk-scale, high-pressure separator for collecting extracted compounds. It provides extraction efficiency and selective fractionation of an extract in a single run. With the SFCE BES, you’ll see increased consistency of final product, from run-to-run.

Because of the ability to run at increased pressure, extractions can happen faster – up to 5 times faster than in other systems – and at a decreased temperature.

General information
1.1 This system is multi-function SCFE equipment, the working mode is intermittent or continuous way to extract solvent from solid or liquid material, the additive can help extract non polar materials co2 cannot.

1.2 The system has one extractor and two separators.

1.3 The highest working pressure of solid extractor is 5802 PSI (40Mpa) , the highest working temperature is 176 F (80℃)

1.4 Pressure vessels are designed according to ASME standard. Certificate Included

The whole equipments beauty, safety and easy operation, pressure temperature flow number can be seen from pressure meter and digital instrument. The material of pipe parts, valves, pipe lines, are all stainless steel(0Cr18Ni9Ti).
Main technical parameters

The highest working pressure: 5801 PSI (40Mpa)

Temperature : Max 176F (80℃)

C)The flow of CO2 : 0~150L/h;

The volume of extractor: 10L

The stair separator: 5L/ 2320 PSI (16Mpa)

The secondary separator: 5L/ 2320 PSI (16Mpa)

Total power: 15KVA

Cooling capacity: 10,700 Kcal

Water temperature range: 23F~41F (—5°C~5°C)

Dry purifier: 5L/ 5801 PSI (40Mpa)

The additive flow: 0~4L/h;

CO2 storage tank: Air cooling, volume 24L, Max working pressure 2320 PSI (16MPa), with jacket and coiler double chill design.

L) power volt: 220v/ 60z/ 3 phase
The main configuration and instrument
3.1 Extractor:
a) Volume: 10L – (6LBS Herb)
b) Amount: 1
c) The max working pressure: 5802 PSI (40MPa)
d) The max operate temperature: 176F (80℃)
e) Material: 0Cr18Ni9 Steel – US GRADE 321 (Same as US Grade 304 w titanium)
f) Material tank(for both liquid and solid material): 2
g) Heat preservation structure, and with stainless shell outside(also called jacket water structure)
3.2 Separators

3.3 Pre-heater
3 sets (two different pressure, 40MPa, 16MPa) heated directly
3.4 Pump
(1) Co2 pump
a) Type : 3DT-150/40
b) Flow : 0~150L/h ( real flow of CO2)
c) working pressure : 5802 PSI (40MPa)
d) Flow adjustment : 15%—100%
e) Head of pump with cooling structure
f) Entrance Pressure from bottom : 3MPa

(2) Additive pump
a) Type: 2DT-4/40
b) Flow: 0~4L/h
c) The rate working pressure : 5802 PSI (40MPa)
d) Flow adjustment : 0—100%
3.5 Dry purifier
a) Volume : 3L
b) The max working pressure :5802 PSI (40MPa)
3.6 Mixer
a) Volume: 3L
b) Working pressure: 5802 PSI 40MPa
c) Material: 0Cr18Ni9Ti Equivalent to US Grade 321 Steel
3.7 Air Cooled Chiller system ( HeroTech)
CE standard design, high COP
23-176F temperature range
R407c, friendly type refrigerant
Danfoss world famous hermetic scroll compressor
Domestic or world famous brand Stainless steel pump
Stainless steel built-in tank,
Door mounted disconnect switch
Original Schneider electrical components
Standard operating and safety controls
Ventilated control cabinet
Indoor operation
Water-proof electrical chamber
Removable panels for easy service access
Mounted Casters
Tank level alarm/switch, High and Low pressure switch,Inner thermostat for compressor motor, three phase over current protection, compressor overload protection, fan overload protection , pump
overload protection
Shell and tube condenser
Low noise and high efficiency finned tube condenser

3.8 Controls of: Pressure, temperature and flow
Pressure control:
using micrometer valve to control, ensure pressure stable of extraction
and separation
Using Y-160 piezometer to show pressure, precision up than 1.5 class
Temperature control: digital meter to show and control precision 1 class
Flow Pressure:
CO2 uses metal rotor flow meter, range is 0~140㎏/H
Additive meter uses glass rotor flow meter, range is 0~30Kg/H
3.9 Safety system
(1) The pressure pump has pressure limit control, set it among desired working pressure range, and pump stops.
(2) The extractor, separator, CO2 storage tank have safety valvea to keep system within set highest working pressure.
4. Spare Parts
5. User Provided Materials
a)Power Requirement: 220V power source/ 3phase (convertors available)
Buyer provides install ground connection condition, residence of ground connection R≤4Ω;
2 bottles of CO2,the weight of each bottle is about 50lb;
46 Engine oil 40~40Kg;

Training content:
Safe training of the equipment, including: power, pressure, inflammable and explosive, mechanical drive, health, and so on)
Normal operation method.
Material tank load and unloading.
Opening and closing of extractor and separator.
How to use the dry purifier.
The parameter setting and physics meaning of all controlling component.
The operation of high pressure valve control, flow adjustment, temperature setting, pressure balance, and so on.
The daily maintenance program and method of this device.




a) The highest working pressure: 5801 PSI (40Mpa)
b) Temperature : Max 176F (80℃)
c) The flow of CO2 : 0~150L/h
d) The volume of extractor: 10L
e) The stair separator: 5L/ 2320 PSI (16Mpa)
f) The secondary separator: 5L/ 2320 PSI (16Mpa)
g) Total power: 15KVA
h) Cooling capacity: 10,700 Kcal, Water temperature range: 23F~41F (—5°C~5°C)
i) Dry purifier: 5L/ 5801 PSI (40Mpa)
j) The additive flow: 0~4L/h
k) CO2 storage tank: Air cooling, volume 24L, Max working pressure 2320 PSI (16MPa), with jacket and coiler double chill design.
l) Power volt: 220v