Original Extraction Contraption


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The Original Extraction Contraption harnesses the sub-zero temperatures of dry ice sublimation along with centrifugal force to produce plant essence in a fraction of the time of traditional processes. There is no water or harsh chemicals used during the extraction process. In fact, our process actually removes much of the plant’s natural moisture. The final essence is a fine, dry powder.

The Original Extraction Contraption cone is constructed of high quality stainless steel. and has an optional compactor so you can process and package your plant extraction quickly and easily.

Plant processing times vary. Hardy, small mass plants like pine can take up to 45 minutes. rosemary takes approximately 30 minutes, while lavender can be processed in about 10 to 15 minutes.

The Original Extraction Contraption is ideal for lotions, soaps, scents and other non-edible plant essence products. If you need plant essence suitable for human consumption, please refer to the Extraction Contraption Pro System.

NOTE: The mixer unit is sold separately and can be purchased at any Harbor Freight. Ask for Central Machinery – Item#91907