60L Centrifuge

The Neo-CJC60 60L refrigerated Cold Extraction Jacketed Centrifuge, for Ethanol Extraction.


The 60L centrifuge is used to remove ethanol/ solvent from biomass. The solvent injection includes a spray head & uses standard tri clamp fittings.

A PLC controller is used to control speed of basket. The Basket is removable for cleaning and can be used with a variety of micron mesh bags for easy unloading and loading.

Dependent on ratio of solvent to biomass and amount of chilled solvent the 35L centrifuge allows for extraction 30 lbs a load.


Capacity: 60L

Rotating Speed: 1200 r/Min

Drum Volume: 60L

Separation Factor: 250 w sq/ r/g

Motor Power: 2.2kw

Voltage: 220v


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