Co2 Extractor Machines: The 15 Main Differentiating Factors

The Main Differentiating Factors of SFE Co2 Extraction Equipment


  1. On board storage of co2 other than the co2 tanks.
  2. Time in motion of 1 extraction
  3. Flow rating of machine/ pump
  4. Size of chiller
  5. Closed loop recovery
  6. Filtration of co2 prior to storage recovery
  7. On board flow meter
  8. Adjust ability of all vessels (temp/pressure)
  9. Liquid co2 pump
  10. Quietness
  11. Extraction vessel loading and unloading ease-ability
  12. Sub/ super critical ability
  13. Automation
  14. Safety (Digital and Manual pressure relief valves)
  15. Product sampling
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